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Painted Terra Cotta Pots

Painted Terra Cotta Pots_Cover

The previous owner of the house left a lot of stuff in the yard which included a ton of terra cotta pots filled with dead plants. After seeing a few inspiring designs on Pinterest, I decided to clean up a few of them and paint them. Here’s what you’ll need to make my painted terra cotta pots:

To start, I had to clean up the terra cotta pots in the yard. They were pretty gross.

Painted Terra Cotta Pots_01

I took a hose and a scrubbing sponge to them out in the yard and followed up with a good wipe down with a paper towel.

Painted Terra Cotta Pots_02

After reading around online, I found out that you have to waterproof the pots because the moisture will make the paint separate from the pots. I went with Thompson’s waterproofing spray that I sprayed on the inside and outside of the pots.

Painted Terra Cotta Pots_03

Note: You have to do this before you put any paint on the pots. I tried to waterproof after spray painting, but it just leaves a greasy film on the surface. Oops.

After the waterproofing was dry (about 30-45 min), I spray painted the pots white using a 2 in 1 paint and primer. I sprayed 2-3 coats to get full white coverage. I also made sure to spray about 3-4 inches along the top of the inside to make sure all the visible parts of the pot were painted.

Painted Terra Cotta Pots_04  Painted Terra Cotta Pots_05

I let this dry for about an hour or two and used the time to plan a black and white geometric pattern I wanted to paint on the pots.

I started by drawing a diagonal grid on the pots using a scrap piece of mail and a pencil.

Painted Terra Cotta Pots_06

I started filling in certain squares with black acrylic paint and a paint brush to get the diamond geometric pattern.

Painted Terra Cotta Pots_07

I did this all the way around the pot. I also painted a second one with a mix of vertical, diagonal, and horizontal stripes.

Once the acrylic paint dried (about an hour), I took the pots back outside to put on a clear coat of spray paint to preserve the design.

Painted Terra Cotta Pots_08

I let this dry for an hour or two and decided to finally plant the avocado seed I had been growing on my window sill in a plastic cup. You can barely see it in the pot, but I’m super excited for avocados one day…probably waaaaaaaaaay into the future.

Painted Terra Cotta Pots_09  Painted Terra Cotta Pots_10

Sparkly Pumpkin Decor

Glittery Pumpkin Decor_cover

Traditionally when I think about spray paint, I think colored, flat paint. But there is way more variety out there. On a recent visit to Home Depot, I discovered sparkly gold spray paint! It sprays textured glitter. Its amazinggg. So I started searching for something to spray paint. With an upcoming Halloween themed block party coming up, I decided find something to I could use for the block party decor.

I searched eBay and found some little pumpkins that would be great for some table decor at the block party. The pictures made the pumpkins look WAY larger than they actually are, but I’ll deal with it. Lesson learned. Pay attention to sizing info.

Glittery Pumpkin Decor_01

Here’s what I used:

  1. Gold Glitter Spray Paint
  2. Faux Pumpkins
  3. Tape
  4. Paper Towels
  5. Butcher Paper/Drop Cloth

I started by prepping my little pumpkins. I wanted to keep the stem color so I covered them before spray painting. To do this, I ripped off a piece of paper towel, wrapped it around the stem, and taped it together. I didn’t directly apply tape to the stem because I wanted it to be difficult to remove after spray painting and I didn’t want to damage the stems.

Glittery Pumpkin Decor_02  Glittery Pumpkin Decor_03  Glittery Pumpkin Decor_04

After I finished prepping the pumpkins, I laid down a piece of butcher paper to protect the floor. I recently bought a HUMONGOUS 1000-foot roll of this stuff. I have big plans for all 1000-feet of it.

Glittery Pumpkin Decor_05

Next, grabbed my can of glitter spray paint, shook it up, and sprayed the first coat of glitter. This stuff is like magic exploding out of a can. I started with a light first coat.

Glittery Pumpkin Decor_06  Glittery Pumpkin Decor_07

I built the glitter coverage up over 3-4 coats on each pumpkin. I found that if I sprayed too close, it would just remove the previous layer of glitter and push the glitter out to the sides. No good. Light coats with 20-30 minutes of dry time between coats.

Glittery Pumpkin Decor_08  Glittery Pumpkin Decor_09

Next, I removed the tape and paper towel pieces covering the stems. All done! Now I have some cute sparkly pumpkin decor for the upcoming block party!

Glittery Pumpkin Decor_10

Hot Pink Unicorn Wall Decor

Hot Pink Unicorn Wall Art

Obviously…I didn’t just get my friend a card for her birthday. I also got her a matching unicorn head! Time to make a giant hot pink unicorn head. She’s a teacher so her classroom was the perfect place to hang some quirky wall decor. Who doesn’t want to stare at hot pink unicorn wall decor all day?

We had been browsing around online looking for her deer head project (which looked kinda creepy to me). I think its the eyeballs that freak me out. The unicorn was way less creepy maybe because he/she’s magical. Magically awesome. We found a few on Etsy that were spray painted and selling for hundreds of dollars. HUNDREDS. That’s crazy to me. This project was A LOT less. Still not cheap, but you pay a premium for magic.

Here’s what you’ll need to get your own hot pink (or whatever color you want) unicorn head wall art:

  1. Unicorn head (obviously)
  2. Spray Paint Primer
  3. Pink Spray Paint (Pink Glow)
  4. Tacky Glue
  5. Extra Fine Gold Glitter
  6. Nails
  7. Hammer
  8. 4-5 Trash Bags/Floor covering

Hot Pink Unicorn Wall Art_01

We started by laying down trash bags to catch any overspray during painting. We may or may not have been successful with that. We used 2 trash bags, but I recommend 4 just to be sure. Also maybe don’t spray paint onto the trash bags, walk on it, then walk on the uncovered part of the floor. Oops.

Hot Pink Unicorn Wall Art_02

We started with a white primer to even out the dark areas of the unicorn head.  Also to cover the super creepy eyes. We sprayed a thin coat for quick drying time and no drips/streaking. At this point, it looked like a horse with a rectangular hole in its forehead.

Hot Pink Unicorn Wall Art_03  Hot Pink Unicorn Wall Art_04

While the primer was drying, we decided to glitter up the horn because, everything can always use more glitter. We started by laying down another trash bag on a table. Next, we applied streaks of craft glue along the horn and smeared it into all the nooks and crannies with our fingers (rather, my friend’s fingers).

Hot Pink Unicorn Wall Art_05  Hot Pink Unicorn Wall Art_06

Next, it was time for glitter. We used a fine glitter and started dumping it all over the horn. Don’t worry about all the glitter that doesn’t make it onto the horn. We just dumped it all back into the glitter container when we were done. Glitter recycling.

Hot Pink Unicorn Wall Art_07

To let it dry, we leaned it up against the wall. Can you tell we did this in her classroom? We don’t put owl borders in our homes. Not cute for home…super cute for a classroom.

Hot Pink Unicorn Wall Art_08

Now that the primer was dry on the unicorn head, it was time for hot pink spray paint. We did sprayed about three thin coats to cover all of the white primer and to get a true hot pink color. Also, we made sure to get it at every angle. You’d be surprised how many angles are on this thing (behind the ears, under the jaw, nostrils, list goes on…).

Hot Pink Unicorn Wall Art_09  Hot Pink Unicorn Wall Art_10

Here’s what it looked like after three coats.

Hot Pink Unicorn Wall Art_11

And now our unicorn head was ready to be reunited with its newly glittered horn. The dry time was about 1-2 hours for the spray paint and horn.

Hot Pink Unicorn Wall Art_12

Now it was ready for the wall. The head comes with a hole in the back for hanging. We hammered a nail into the wall and hung it up!

Hot Pink Unicorn Wall Art_14


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