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Halloween Block Party Invites

Halloween Block Party Invites_cover

I’m still semi-new to my neighborhood and recently started meeting all my neighbors. We’ve had a few new people move in recently and my neighbor had a great idea to throw a block party in a few weeks to meet everyone. Since this coincides with Halloween (close enough), we decided to make it Halloween themed. To kick this off this event, we have to send invites. So here I am again with my Silhouette Cameo making Halloween block party invites!

Here’s what you’ll need to make these:

  1. Silhouette Cameo
  2. Computer
  3. Color Printer
  4. Black Cardstock
  5. Printer Paper
  6. Glue Stick
  7. Glue Gun and Glue Gun Sticks
  8. Coffee Stir Sticks
  9. Ribbon
  10. Scissors

To start, I grabbed a pumpkin image from Google (as usual) and traced the shape in the Silhouette Cameo program. There are two pumpkins that are mirror shapes of each other, one as the front and one as the back. Here’s the Silhouette and PDF file of the pumpkin outlines I used.

The font I used to type in the large text is called Choc-A-Block that you can download for free here.

After filling in the pumpkins with the text, info about the event, RSVP info, address, date, etc. I selected colors for the text and printed it out with a color laserjet printer. If I’m only making one card, I’ll use the Silhouette to do text, but that would take forever making invites for the entire block.

Halloween Block Party Invites_02

Next, I removed the text from the studio file, and placed the paper onto the cutting mat, and selected cut to get the white pumpkin cutouts perfectly around the text. By removing the text, I made sure the text printed on the paper and the pumpkin outline cut out using the Silhouette would end up in the same place on a piece of paper. If you’re not using a cameo, just trace the pumpkin around the text and cut out with scissors using the smaller outline of the pumpkin.

Halloween Block Party Invites_03

After cutting out the print outs, I started cutting out a slightly larger outline on black cardstock.

Halloween Block Party Invites_01

Next, I used one of the pumpkin shaped print outs and glued it to one side of the pumpkin using a glue stick.

Halloween Block Party Invites_04  Halloween Block Party Invites_05

Next, I flipped over the pumpkin and used my glue gun to attach the coffee stir sticks. I used a glue gun to get better and faster adhesion. A glue stick or white glue would probably work, but you probably wouldn’t get the same hold or dry time speed as a glue gun. As for the stir sticks, I bought a 1000-pack of coffee stir sticks and have found that they come in handy for a lot of things beyond stirring creamer into my daily cup of coffee. In this case, they’ll serve as a handle for my Halloween block party invites. I squeezed about about 1″-1.5″ of glue down the stick and placed it down on the black pumpkin cardstock.

Halloween Block Party Invites_06  Halloween Block Party Invites_07

Next, I glued the other side of the white pumpkin cutouts over the coffee stick. Since there’s a ton of personal info like my neighbor’s name, address, and phone number…no photo here.

To finish off the invites, I added an 8″ piece of ribbon to the invites. I did a simple tie onto the stick and cut the ends into a nice “v” shape. This ribbon is left over from crafts I did for my wedding. It will continue to appear everywhere in my crafting until I use it all up. Nothing goes to waste!

Halloween Block Party Invites_08

Invites go out tomorrow!

Pink Unicorn Birthday Card

Unicorn Birthday Card_16

It was recently my college roommate’s birthday. If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought she majored in glitter and puffy paint. She puffy painted everything, including her laptop, scissors, and stapler. You name it, it had glitter on it. In her honor, I made her one of my most awesome birthday cards ever. A big, pink, glitter unicorn. We’re all grown up now, but nobody’s ever too old for unicorns and glitter.

So here’s what you’ll need to make this birthday card:

  1. Unicorn Image (.studio file or .PDF)
  2. Silhouette Cameo or Small Scissors
  3. X-Acto Knife
  4. Cutting mat or cutting board
  5. Pink, white, black, and gold paper (scrapbook paper preferred)
  6. Glue Stick
  7. Silver and/or Gold glitter nail polish(Essie Golden Nuggets, Essie Silver Bullions), puffy paint, or glue
  8. Optional: Glue Gun and Glue Gun Sticks
  9. Optional: Tulle Ribbon

So, I went a-Googling and found myself a cute unicorn picture from Zazzle to start.  While it would be super easy to just order the card from there, it wouldn’t be the same and it wouldn’t be as giant and glittery and awesome as the one I made. Also, I needed a card that day and I couldn’t wait for processing time and mailing time.

So, I saved the image and traced it in the Silhouette Cameo software and came up with the unicorn outline. To make it extra special, I added “Happy B-day April!” lettering along the edge. Since the person you’re making the card for probably isn’t named April, I removed the name from the links in this post.

Unicorn Birthday Card_01

With Silhouette Cameo: Next, I was ready to cut. I used a thick pink paper with some texture to it. It was some that I had from another project and thought the color would be great for this. I placed it on the cutting mat and fed it through the machine. I’m pretty paranoid and use a slow cut setting (usually between 1-3) and always set the cutting tool to 2 for any kind of scrapbook paper.

Unicorn Birthday Card_02  Unicorn Birthday Card_03  Unicorn Birthday Card_04

Without Silhouette Cameo: If you don’t have a cameo, print out the PDF image, cut it out, trace it onto the paper you want to use, and cut the image out with a small pair of scissors and/or X-Acto knife. Its more tedious but this image isn’t too difficult to cut out.

Tip: I used to use cuticle scissors to make small and precise cuts. I’d never use them for my cuticles, but they work really well for paper crafts and help you get around curves and corners more easily than traditional scissors.

Once, the cutting was finished, I removed the excess paper around the outside, making sure to remove it carefully and cutting any areas that didn’t cut all the way through with an X-acto knife.

Unicorn Birthday Card_05

Next, I removed the outline of the unicorn using the same process. I removed the paper slowly and used an X-Acto knife to cut any areas needed.

Unicorn Birthday Card_06

Next, I took my glue stick and slathered it all over the back of the outline and glued the outline to a piece of white scrapbook paper that would serve as my backing.

Unicorn Birthday Card_07

Next, I removed what I call the “hair” pieces and glued them to the paper as well. By hair I mean the tail, mane, and bangs. I think they’re the bangs part of the mane. I don’t know. All the hair bits. Oh, and I did the little ear outline as well.

Unicorn Birthday Card_08

Next, I cut out the horn, eyes, and nostrils. I could have just used my cameo to do this, but I didn’t bother because there were so few pieces and I just cut them out by hand with an X-Acto knife. I used the pink pieces that were cut out by the Silhouette Cameo and traced it with the X-Acto knife onto gold (horn) and black paper (eyes and nostrils).

Unicorn Birthday Card_09  Unicorn Birthday Card_10

I was able to glue the gold horn on without a problem, but the placement of the eye and nostrils came out funny when I guessed where they should be. It makes a big difference if you place them crooked or in the wrong place. To get the exact placement for the eyes and nostrils, I used the actual unicorn piece as a guide. Isn’t she cute? This unicorn is DEFINITELY a she with all this pink and glitter.

Unicorn Birthday Card_11

Next, my little unicorn was ready for some GLITTER. I couldn’t find my glitter glue, so I opted for glitter nail polish instead. You can use any method to adhere glitter to paper here. However, I’m pretty happy with using nail polish because it doesn’t make the paper all soggy and the glitter bits don’t crumble off and leave a mess everywhere. Believe me. Glitter goes everywhere and it never goes away. Ever.

Unicorn Birthday Card_12

I used the gold glitter for the horn, and silver glitter for the “hair” pieces.

Unicorn Birthday Card_13  Unicorn Birthday Card_14

So sparkly and cute. Here’s what it looked like after it dried. Its a subtle glitter, but sparkly nonetheless.

Unicorn Birthday Card_15

Next, I cut around the edge of the pink outline, leaving about a 3/8″ white border around the edge. I probably could have used the Silhouette Cameo for this, but didn’t have the foresight to do that. Oh well.

I also found some tulle ribbon left over from wedding projects I did years ago. I couldn’t help myself. I cut a piece to the length of the unicorn and attached it underneath the outline of the horn. I used a glue gun for this to make sure it would stick. Regular glue stick wouldn’t work for this. Here she she is!

Unicorn Birthday Card_17

I wrote a little message along the edge on the back so it wouldn’t ruin the front of the card and wouldn’t show through the white paper if she decides to put this up somewhere.