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Sharpie Dog Bowls

Dog Bowls_09

My dog, Sammy, has had the same doggie bowls since the day we brought him home nearly 6 years ago. Time for an upgrade just in time for Christmas. I found these square bowls at Home Goods a few weeks ago and thought they’d be perfect for Sammy’s new bowls. Obviously the bowls needed some sharpie accents. Here’s what you’ll need to make these sharpie dog bowls:

  1. Ceramic Bowl(s)
  2. Sharpie (color of your choice)
  3. Rubbing Alcohol
  4. Cotton Balls or Tissue

I found some fonts online and decided to just freehand it. It just seemed like too much work to trace or figure out how to transfer a copied font. I basically started with the middle letter in the center then moved outwards towards each side. So that method’s not fool proof…

Fail 1:

Dog Bowls_01

Fail 2:

Dog Bowls_02


Dog Bowls_03

I didn’t worry too much about making it super perfect. After I got the basic shape of the letters down, I thickened up the lettering with a sharpie to fix all the imperfections and crooked parts.

Dog Bowls_04

Next up, the water bowl. I repeated the same process again. This time with the word “thirsty”.

Fail 1:

Dog Bowls_05

Only 1 fail later, success!

Dog Bowls_06

Really, I just wanted the letters to be centered. Low bar. I repeated the same process by thickening up the lettering and fixing up the imperfections.

Dog Bowls_07

To clean up all my screw ups, I put some rubbing alcohol on a tissue and wiped off all the fails. It came off super easy.

Dog Bowls_08

Next, I popped the dishes into the oven, turned it up to 450°F, and let it bake 30 minutes after the oven was done preheating. After 30 minutes of baking, I turned off the oven and let the bowls cool off inside.

I pulled the bowls out of the oven and wiped them down with a wet paper towel to make sure there was no burnt Sharpie residue in them. Tah dah! New doggie bowls for Sammy. He LOVES them. Look at that face!

Dog Bowls_10

The little dog is a craft project the neighbor’s kids made for him. Looks just like him!