About Me

Avid coffee drinker. Reads Pinterest like the news. Figuring out DIY one Google search at a time.

This is a place for me to document all the random things I do after my first cup of coffee. From crafts, to home improvement, and life in general, I cover a plethora of things that occupy my time and/or mind (which is kind of a crazy place).

Hope you enjoy!




On using my stuff and using your stuff:

I find inspiration through Pinterest, Etsy, blogs, Google, etc. I link where I can and give credit where its due. I won’t bury the link somewhere random. I also expect you to do the same for me. Sharing is caring and I’m happy to share, but just be sure to link back here.



There are affiliate links, not all, but some. Its a thing. I make a commission if you buy and its a normal thing to do. You don’t have to click on them and I’m perfectly okay with you buying your stuff elsewhere, but I want you to know they’re there for your convenience and I possibly make some change doing this blog thing. I buy all things with my own money and almost everything I link I have already purchased myself. In return for clicking on my links, I promise to not to link you to garbage (unless its by some haphazard accident in which case I’m apologizing now).

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