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Bakeware Organization

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I haven’t been at this blog thing very long, but I think its time to let you in on my organization obsession. My house is by no means perfectly organized, but there’s something about taking a huge mess and being able to put it all away perfectly that makes me so happy inside. I can’t even tell you. So. Happy.

I’ve usually stored most of my bakeware inside my oven, but it just made baking anything a hassle and when I did, everything inside ended up on my counters for at least half a day (bake time + oven cooling time + lazy factor). I’m not sure why I did this. Well, actually I do. It’s what my mother did. Obviously, not that great an idea.

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On my daily Pinterest scroll, I saw someone use file organizing racks as pan organizers. AMAZING. Naturally I went to Amazon (because I can’t wait any longer than 2 days) to look for something that would fit the space.

I mean, I was skeptical that this would work. What if the whole thing tips over, how stable is this really going to be, what about the space in the back? Questions aplenty. I ordered anyway (and I ordered a bunch of them to test out) and returned all but one. (Hi, my name is Bernice and I am a serial returner.) I’m all about trial and error.

Here’s a few things I considered/learned:

  1. Finish: At first, I thought I’d go with a metal finish to match all the stainless appliances in my kitchen, but I realized I had a lot of non-stick bakeware and didn’t want to risk scratching it when the metals rubbed together. Also, a metal material might not grip. I wasn’t sure I could commit to screwing holes into my cabinet shelving to hold the rack in place.
  2. Spacing between dividers: the tallest piece of bakeware (the piece that would take up the most width in the rack) would have to fit. I checked the comments rack I was considering and it said it would hold a Pyrex 9″ x 13″ pan. A perfect fit.
  3. Total capacity: I stacked all my stuff and measured the height to make sure it would fit in the test racks I purchased.
  4. Dimensions: I had a specific amount of space set aside in my cabinets for this and it had to fit there after I crammed all the pans in the racks.

Bakeware Organization_02

Disclaimer: These are affiliate links. I purchased all of this with my own money and made no money doing it. I was not prompted by anyone by me and my own crazy obsessive need to organize my stuff.

Option 1: Seville Classics Kitchen Pantry and Cabinet Organizer $19.40

Seville Classics Kitchen Pantry and Cabinet Organizer

Returned: I was afraid the metal was going to scratch the non-stick finish and my cabinetry shelves. Other than that, it looked sturdy and is a good option if that’s not something you’re worried about.


Option 2: Wilton 2555-1084 Adjustable Bakeware Organizer $12.96

Wilton 2555-1084 Adjustable Bakeware Organizer

Returned: These had adjustable racks, but the holes where the racks attached scared me. It seemed like a catch all for a bunch of crumby grossness I probably was never going to clean. I’m afraid of things I can’t clean.


Option 3: Better Houseware Large Organizer White $14.99

Better Houseware Large Organizer White

WINNER. I was skeptical that this was going to be able to stand on its own. It wasn’t the cheapest, but also not the most expensive. This rack was also the least aesthetically pleasing. I had my doubts, but the zillions of reviews and high rating made me think I was missing something. I was. This thing is perfect, and fits perfectly on the shelf with my breadmaker. Its sturdy, holds ALL all my pans and sheets, and stands on its own without shifting all over the place. With all my stuff on the racks, I could barely see the white.

Bakeware Organization_03  Bakeware Organization_04

After all stuffing the rack full with my pans, I was elated. Everything. fit. perfectly (and created a little nook for my cutting boards!). I did a little dance on the inside (and the outside, but nobody saw).