Ikea Drawer Handle Installation Hack

Hack Saw_05

This is a post about my Ikea drawer handle installation hack with my hack saw. GRIN. I have a love/hate (maybe even a stronger word than hate) relationship with Ikea. NOTHING ever works out the way its supposed to. Ever. Last year, I bought some Ikea Besta furniture and never got around to installing drawer handles for some reason. Well I finally buckled down and decided to put them on.

First battle: I drove to Ikea (a feat it in itself), walked around trying to find the same handles only to find out they were discontinued. REALLY!? I found the discontinued ones on Amazon at a money gouging price of $10 a piece (honestly could have purchased Restoration Hardware ones for a few bucks more). Why buy Ikea stuff if its not going to be cheap?! The struggle begins.

Second battle: I measured the placement of the handles, drilled the holes, TRIED to put them on and figured out the screws were too long. Struggle is getting so real. I have no idea why they don’t make shorter screws! So, my husband told me I could to go the hardware store, buy some new shorter screws and put them on. Logical.

Third battle: I went to OSH and found out that IKEA screws have custom threading! You can’t buy shorter screws! The struggle is real. This is the hate part of my relationship with Ikea.

Husband sent me to the hardware store to buy screws, I came home with…A HACK SAW! WOOT! So after consulting a sales associate, he told me I could cut them shorter with a mini hack saw. Here’s what I used:

  1. Stupid Ikea screws that are too long
  2. Mini Hack Saw
  3. Wilton 3″ Clamp

Hack Saw_01

I had a mini lesson at the store and then tried this at home by myself. I started by clamping the clamp onto my coffee table. My table is made of a palette so I didn’t care about denting or scratching it. Make sure you clamp onto something you don’t mind messing up a bit.

Next, I put the screw into the side of the clamp and tightened the clamp. It was kinda crooked, but I just wanted it to hold still while I chopped off the excess. The sales guy warned me that nobody has fingers strong enough to hold it while sawing. I believe him.

Hack Saw_02

Next, I took my mini hack saw and lopped off the extra part of the screw! Basically I put the saw on the screw and started sawing away.

Warning: It gets super freakin hot. Don’t touch the screw right away. Definitely burned my fingers once. Or twice.

Hack Saw_03

Also make sure to keep the saw in the same place to make sure there aren’t any kinks in the cut. Otherwise, you won’t be able to screw this into the drawer handle. About 20-30 saws later, I was cut threw the screw. I cut 5 more of these and installed my drawer handles!

Hack Saw_04

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